Janeth Tapia : 2½-3 ans

Clara Contreras : Pouponnière

« Je suis une personne dévouée, responsable et très passionnée de mon travail. Ma mission est de créer un lien de confiance avec vos petits, de passer de beaux moments ensemble et de les accompagner jusqu'à la fin de leur journée à la garderie. Étant mère de deux enfants, je reconnais les joies et les frustrations que vivent les parents, et je suis là pour les écouter et les soutenir dans cette aventure. »

Fatima Morine : 3-3½ ans

« I am a mother of two, and I appreciate that parenting, like working with kids, knows many ups and downs. But no matter our age, it brings us back to our childhood. We play heroes, we jump like monkies,we act like royalty, we built masterpieces and we play with babies. And above all, we love and are loved. » 

Kurara Kobayashi : Rotation

« Everyday, i am thrilled to see the babies thrive in my classroom. I provide for them a safe and loving space so that they can feel comfortable outside their home. I know that each baby has different and changing needs throughout their development, and i support their holistic growth by provinding a variety of activities to stimulate their discovery of the world around them. I believe that communication and collaboration with parents is essential, and it is a pleasure for me to be a part of your family day to

                                                                    day. » 

Maria Cuevas : 18-30 mois

Timothie Mota : 3½-4 ans

« Born and bred in Montreal, i have constantly been sourrounded by a diverse array of culture, art and music. I gew up playing a range of string instruments, which is what i believe to be the foundation of my creativity. Despite these leisure activities, it was working with kids that led me to my career choice of becoming and educator. The fulfilment of being a part of of a child's progression has been quite astonishing over the last four years of my career. I look forward to every day. »

Lucie Chackal : Pouponnière

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