Yearly Schedule
Session A
15 weeks
Sept 8th, 2020 to Dec 18th, 2020
Session B
23 weeks
Jan 4th, 2021 to June 18th, 2021
(1 week break from March 1st to March 5th)
Daily Schedule

9:00 - 12:00

The workshops that take place each morning at Jardin Urbain LC are called the morning stations.  The children participate in stations that metamorphose throughout the morning according to the objectives of the day.  The morning stations include activities that practice French language development (both written and spoken), as well as competencies in mathematics and science.

12:00 - 1:00

Between 12:00 and 1:00, the children registered for the full day eat together and the children registered for a half-day have the choice to participate in the lunch social or not.  The lunch social is a chance for informal discussion, often outside, and a homemade lunchbox is available upon request.  Parents are welcome to join in!

1:00 - 4:00

The sports excursions vary every three weeks and include the use of public facilities in the neighbourhood such as soccer fields, basketball courts, skating rinks, public parks, baseball diamonds, etc.  These excursions are within walking distance of the center, and we go out in all weather.

A wild card workshop follows the sports excursion each day. Wild cards are classes in specialised subjects such as arts, drama, music, dance, languages, history, geography, environmental studies, social studies, cooking, etc.  The adults who lead these workshops are experts in their domain, profesionnal and passionate members of our community. The wild card schedule changes each session.

Session A 2020 :
Description of the wild cards


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Arts plastiques (offered in French)

Les enfants seront accompagnés dans la création de projets de manière à ce qu'ils soient capables d'utiliser, de reconnaître et de nommer les différentes techniques: collage, dessin, peinture, sculpture, gravure. De plus, à travers les différentes activités, ils apprendront les différents éléments du langage plastique (forme, ligne, couleur, valeur, texture, motif, volume et organisation de l'espace). 

Via des projets de groupe ou individuels, l'enfant sera également encouragé à partager son expérience de création avec ses camarades et l'animatrice.

À propos de l'instructrice:

Depuis plus de dix ans, Marie-Michelle oeuvre en tant qu'artiste professionnelle, voyageant un peu partout à travers l'Europe et le Canada pour exposer son travail de sculpture et de dessin. Avant ce parcours singulier, elle a été professeure titulaire de 2e année primaire en plus d'avoir travaillé aux ateliers d'art du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal. 

Anglais langue seconde / English Language Arts

In this wild card, a variety of fun and creative methods will be used to engage students in learning more about the English language.


For English as a Second Language students, the focus will be on developing beginning English language skills such as listening, speaking, grammar, phonetics, vocabulary, and proper communication. Using songs, games, theme-based projects and other interactive activities, ESL students will have the chance to practice and develop essential skills while engaging in social and emotional learning with their peers.


For students whose first language is English, the focus will be on further developing skills associated with grammar, composition, literacy, and storytelling. Activities may include story circles, student notebooks, drawing, putting on plays, discovering, creating, and analyzing spoken, written, electronic, and visual texts, while exploring the importance of language in everyday life.


This mixed level class will be an exciting exploration and sharing of knowledge in which both ESL students and ELA students will have the opportunity to learn from and with each other.

About the animator: 

Andrea is an ESL teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature who is currently completing a Masters of Teaching and Learning at McGill University, with a specialization in TESL.


Passionate about English Language Arts and literacy, she brings enthusiasm, patience, creativity, and experience to the classroom.

Big City Beats 

In this wild card, the children will learn to play basic rhythms in various styles of music in an engaging, encouraging, and fun environment. Essential techniques are taught to help create sounds using body percussion and bucket drumming. Kids will develop coordination, gain a sense of confidence, and learn how to collaborate while playing in a musical ensemble. They will learn music vocabulary and musical form and will also learn listening and music literacy skills.

About the animator:

Tyson is a professional musician and music educator with a Bachelors of Fine Arts
in music from Concordia University (2000). With over 20 years of teaching experience, including a private studio and teaching masterclasses throughout the province of Quebec,

Tyson is the manager/owner of the Mile-End Drum Studio in Montreal. Since 2016, he has also served as a senior instructor and administrator at the Nunavik Rocks Music School in Nunavik, QC. This has afforded him the opportunity to travel to various remote Arctic communities in order to teach music to the youth of the region. He is a passionate and dedicated music educator who enjoys teaching music to all levels of students.

The Tinker's Workshop

A tinker is someone who fixes, builds, takes apart, and invents with the objects around them in an experimental way.  Using tools and working with materials and our hands is part of what makes us human, and in this wild card that's exactly what we'll do. We'll explore 'tinkering' in all its forms, from Paleolithic technology to modern electronics, visiting the worlds of craft, design, repair, and engineering along the way.

Expect kids to come away with more hand and tool skills along with a deeper understanding of the technology and material world around them. Ideal for future artists, makers, designers, engineers, appliance owners, and anyone else who lives in this world of materials!

About the animator:

Jesse is an educator, artist, and maker from BC. He is a lead staff and naturalist-facilitator with Coyote Programs in Montreal, running programs that deepen kids' connection with nature and that explore both ancient and modern technology like fire and shelter. He has trained in and practiced Arts-Based Facilitation, Puppetry, Physical theatre and Clowning for over a decade and sneaks these things into his work with youth. Jesse has long enjoyed making things with his hands – he makes musical instruments, carves wood, fixes appliances, builds bicycles, makes his own shoes, and can make you a fire using just sticks and a string. 

Interested in offering a wild card?

If you are passionate about a subject that you think might interest the children at Jardin Urbain LC, let us know!  We will ask you to fill out a short form describing the subject and how you envision putting in place a weekly workshop.  The wild cards are offered in the afternoons from 2:30 to 4:00 one day per week for the duration of the session. They can be offered in French or in English.  

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