The Founders

Karina Smith and Danny Guarino began creating Jardin Urbain LC when their oldest daughter was six years old and they were searching for a way to begin her education without school.

Karina holds an MA in education and has worked for 15 years as an educator, administrator, and manager in Canada and overseas.  Danny completed a degree in Culinary Arts after his BSc in Food Science, and worked as a cook in Europe, Australia and here in Montreal.


They are also the founders and directors of Garderie le Jardin Urbain, a daycare founded in 2013 that advocates values of kindness and simplicity via small ratios and time spent outdoors in the garden. 


Karina and Danny have been practicing flexible education with their two daughters since 2019. 


Karina and Danny would like to thank their collaborators, Anne-Élizabeth Côté, Special needs teacher, who gave invaluable help to the elaboration of the pedagogical approach of the center, and Myriam Verdoni-Perez and Laura Moussaoui who contributed to the creation of the webpage.

The Teacher

Francis, the teacher, is the primary person interacting with the children at Jardin Urbain LC.  He is responsible for the Morning Stations and the implementation of the pedagogical approach of the center. Francis is in charge of a large part of the communication with parents concerning their children's progress.

The Educator

Manon, the educator, is an expert in the global development of children up to the age of 12, as well as in pedagogical techniques favouring rich social interactions. The main role of the educator at Jardin Urbain LC is to accompany the children through their daily activities, modelling an active participation and offering support to the teacher.

The Parents

In a family practicing a form of education without school, parents are in charge of their children’s education.  Their role is to create and put in place a learning project with their children, and to follow their progress carefully in order to ensure a healthy and balanced development according to their family values.  Jardin Urbain LC offers activities that can be part of the learning project elaborated by the family. The parents submit their learning project to the Ministry of Education and are assigned a ressource person who will accompany them along their children's educational paths and offer support whenever needed.

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