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A new alternative option for high school
JU High School is an alternative offering a small scale environment where youth choose to be at the center of their own education.

By committing to long-term projects, teens develop competencies important to them, in order to flourish as the engaged citizens they are. We are proudly affiliated with the international network of Big Picture Learning programs.

Who would be well suited for JU High School?

Building Robot Vehicle
Any teen who wants to lead their own education, develop as a self-directed learner, and master skills via project based pedagogy will thrive at JU High School. We consider youth fully apt to make decisions that will shape their educational path, and we offer them a space to meet up, to study, to share and exchange with a community of like-minded people, and to exhibit their work.
We welcome youth who have chosen to homeschool but who wish to include high quality external resources in their learning project.

Overview of our schedule

JU High School is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 4:00 and works on an annual membership basis. The youth and their family select the schedule week by week that suits them best, taking into consideration the mandatory meetings and the daily classes offered by our teachers. 
Throughout the day, the teens can circulate freely at the Learning Center in order to use the resources available, including our outdoor classroom space in our lovely private garden.

9:30 - Breakfast together where teens can socialise and share their objectives for the day (fruits and croissants provided!)
10:00 - Personal project time, or they can choose to attend a class connected to the Quebec curriculum (QEP) offered by one of our specialised teachers.
12:00 - Lunch social 
1:00 - A second formal academic class is offered.  
2:00 - The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to personal projects and may include a meeting with the guide who is supervising the project. Also, the mandatory meetings with the youth and their trio (parent, guide, mentor) take place in the afternoons once every two weeks.

3:30 - The day ends with a general assembly which serves as a moment where teens can share their work and the questions that have arisen along the way, seek and offer help, and celebrate their progress together.

Our pedagogical approach

Art Class
- triangular support around each youth (guide, mentor, parents)
- project based pedagogy 
- internships starting in Secondary 4
- holistic evaluation via portfolio and interview
- shared leadership

How to register & 
Membership fees

JU High School will welcome its first cohort in September, 2024. Registration is now open and visits to the Learning Center are possible. Please contact Karina, at 514-277-0764 or

Yearly membership fees come to 87
00$, before the deductions possible thanks to the Relevé-24. Payment in instalments is possible.
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