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Where did the idea come from?


We were searching for an alternative to school that would offer our children a high quality education and allow them to flourish to their full potential, while cultivating an everlasting love of learning. We wanted a schedule that was in harmony with our family’s rhythm, and we needed reassurance that all of our time was being well spent. Finally, we were seeking an option that allowed us to continue our professional paths while at the same time being involved in our children’s academic lives. Simply put, we were looking for a way to educate our children that would give us quality, flexibility, and choice. 

Unsatisfied with the schooling options available, we decided to investigate existing models elsewhere and then create an alternative that responded to our needs and those of many families in our community.

So, Jardin Urbain LC was born!

We have the reassurance that our children are guided by qualified educators who support us as we follow our children's academic progress.
We know our kids are evolving in an environment full of kindness and a holistic approach to development.
We remain responsible for their education, the co-designers of their schedule, and the protectors of a well-balanced life style.
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